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(#4) The Tree In Me - Sunday's Best

Posted by Kelly Gauthier on February 1, 2015 at 8:25 AM



It's terrifying to think just how strong fear can be.  How one single emotion can take over all the rest and render you helpless and alone.  You go along minding your own business and suddenly out from behind your life jumps this thug named fear that scares the shit out of you.  If it were a movie you could cover your eyes until the scene was over, but in real life the scene stays the same until you decide to change it.  And deciding is only half the battle! 

So now what?  Here I am stuck in this movie watching this horrifying scene that I don't want to be watching, but that I can't bring myself to stop watching because I'm too afraid to close my eyes.  If I close my eyes I have no control over what else I might see.  I know the images in my mind will be much worse than the scene I am watching, so I keep watching.   I don't move.  I don't breath.  I just watch.  I am trapped in this horrific life I use to call mine with a faceless stranger I use to call me.  A dark forest with no exit.  Fear was just too strong for me. 


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