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(#7) The Tree In Me - Sunday's Best

Posted by Kelly Gauthier on February 22, 2015 at 3:10 AM


The forest had somehow grown thicker.  The trees seemed to have multiplied leaving only a few openings from which to enter or exit from.  I found myself faced with a decision that I was not prepared to make.  Would I keep going or would I go back to where I came from? An unspeakable fear arose inside me when I thought about moving forward.  The uncertainty of where I would end up left me shaking.  However when I thought about going back to where I had come from the same fear arose inside me, only this time it was much stronger.  I knew I could never return to that life I had been living - what a contradiction of words it was.  If I was to find my true self then I could only do so by moving forward.  

I stood in front of that dark forest for quite sometime before I found the courage to enter it.  Everything was a blur.  Picturing myself already on the other side in a forest of lush green trees and blue sky was the only thing that got me through.  I held onto that image every step of the way.  And somehow despite all of the darkness and fear that had followed me in, I found my way out.

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