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Colour It Forward




It appears that the age old taboo behind mental health and therapy continues to exist.  Society still sees both as a sign of weakness.  I believe the weakness lies in the inability to see beyond ourselves and the courage that it takes for someone to ask for help.  We have to stop viewing mental health issues as a disability and start viewing them as an opportunity for personal growth and change.  And this applies to all of us not just those who are living with a mental health concern.

As a health professional I believe that it is my responsibility to educate as many people as possible about the positive health benefits therapy has to offer.  It takes courage and strength to ask for help and it takes stepping outside of your own life to see when someone else needs it.  Be the friend or family member that takes notice!

COLOUR IT FORWARD  is a campaign that I started as my way of helping to change the face of mental health.  By passing a crayon forward you are acknowledging the brighter side of therapy and the strength that it takes for someone to ask for help.  If we can change how we see mental health then maybe we can change how we view it.


                                      "All it takes is one crayon to change 

                                        the colour of someone else's day!"


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