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huntsville, Ontario

Having graduated from Ryerson University with Honors and awarded for Excellence in Black and White Photography, Kelly opened her own professional photography business which ran successful for over 15 years.   Although her business consisted of a variety of interests ranging from weddings, magazine covers, sports and horse racing, commercial and fine art photography, Kelly's focus continued to evolve around children and their emotional needs.   Through her experience working with children, she began to see that most were more comfortable expressing themselves creatively and visually rather than verbally.  This understanding was the beginning of CAMP CAMERA and the offering of children's photography and photography related programs. CAMP CAMERA ran successfully for over 10 years within the Toronto and surrounding areas.   

Kelly continued to notice a rise in children's creative expression and how the use of photography offered children with emotional and behavioural concerns an outlet for expression.  Parents were thrilled with the changes they were seeing in their children and the excitement they had for CAMP CAMERA.  It was at this time that Kelly decided to move to Vancouver to obtain a degree in Art Therapy which would then allow her to offer a larger range of services for her clients.  Kelly now runs a successful Art & Photo Therapy practice at the Leaside Therapy Centre in Toronto. 

Kelly's work experience includes teaching photography programs at facilities such as St. Mary's Junior School, Trinity College, and the Parks and Recreation; and while in Vancouver she worked for the Vancouver School Board as an Art and Photo Therapist.  Kelly is currently working on a reserve in Slate Falls where she provides both art and photo therapies to the children and youth of the community under Jordan's Principle.  In addition to this, she is offering Art & Photo Therapy workshops at Toronto Western Hospital and Women's College Hospital, and is providing one on one therapeutic counselling when required.  She is also listed as a service provider for NEDIC and Toronto Public Health.

Kelly originated, designed and developed CAMP CAMERA so that she could pass on her visual excitement, expertise and passion for photography with your children.  "I have a love for children and believe we can learn so much about them through their creative thinking, imagination and self expression; and teaching children allows me to share my experience and knowledge with our future.  That's a privilege and responsibility I take very seriously."  Kelly has designed each program with your child's interests and needs in mind.  "Looking at the world through the eye's of a child is so different than the way we as adults see it.  I am so intrigued by what a child finds visually interesting and believe they share a piece of themselves with us in every photograph they take.  What a great way to learn something new about your child."

Kelly has three grown children of her own and has had an artistic influence on each one of them in very different ways.  Her eldest son has completed his BFA in Fine Art at the Ontario College of Art and Design and has since launch two of his own music CD's.  Her middle son has learned the art of photography by working along side his mother at many weddings and professional sporting events, and although his passion lies with horses, he continues to photograph for himself.  Kelly's daughter and youngest of the three specializes in Portrait Photography and has recently joined her mom at CAMP CAMERA. 

Having grown up with a Grandfather who painted with the Group of Seven, it was inevitable that Kelly's artistic talent would filter it's way down through her own family.  Something Kelly is extremely proud of. 

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