On-Line Therapy

Polariod of man with his back to a mountain

On-Line Photo Therapy is a visual technique that is extremely effective and enjoyable.


When you enter into the therapeutic process with interest and excitement, you also enter into the therapeutic process with more motivation to address and conquer your concerns.

PYW is on-line and offering both Art & Photo Therapies to children, youth, adults and seniors.


With a specialization in Photo Therapy, we will use photographs (either those you've taken, I've taken, or available images) as the starting point for addressing your concerns and as the tool for identifying where they stem from. Following this, we will use art to create response pieces from which we can further support and explore your concerns.


Photo Therapy and Projected Imagery have both been proven to be very successful with anxiety,  depression,  dementia, eating disorders, fear, PTSD, abuse, and trauma.  They are ideal therapies for children, adults, seniors, couples and families alike.


If this therapeutic modality feels right for you or you would like more information, please feel free to email me at drawmeapic@gmail.com.


Payments can be easily made through e-transfer.