Photo Therapy

Polariod photographs scattered on a bed

Photo Therapy and Projected Imagery have proven to be very successful with anxiety,  depression,  dementia, eating disorders, fear, PTSD, abuse, and trauma.  They are ideal therapies for children, adults, seniors, couples and families alike.

Photo therapy is a powerful therapeutic process that uses photographs to unlock repressed emotions and break down personal barriers.  It provides an understanding of the choices we have made and an awareness for the impact they have had on our lives. 


Using photographs in therapy presents an opportunity for you to look at your past experiences and see how they have shaped your present conditions.  Whether it is a personal photograph or one that has been provided for, both allow you to see how memories and the emotions you attach to them can interfere with reality. 

Photo therapy helps you recognize the parts of yourself that are missing and the areas of your life that are in need of attention.  Because photographs have a unique ability to speak symbolically, they contribute to the ease and success the individual experiences through therapy.