PhotoTherapy With

Weight Preoccupation

Blurred out woman taking a photograph

If there is one thing that weight preoccupation doesn't do, its discriminate!  Regardless of your age, gender, population or culture, weight preoccupation can affect anyone.  

Uncovering the reasons behind ones weight preoccupation requires patience and an awareness for the individuals needs.  Identifying the source underneath the preoccupation is where photo therapy is most beneficial.  

Photo therapy is an incredible process that works extremely well with individuals living with weight preoccupation.  The use of photographs and projected imagery in therapy have a way of providing an opportunity to "see" what keeps you focused on your body and your personal appearance.  Identifying the elements of a photograph and their appeal or lack thereof, can assist with uncovering traumas or concerns that are keeping you focused on your weight and interfering with your ability to love yourself the way you are.

When I talk about photo therapy and its connection with self-esteem and body image, I do so with a sense of knowing that although it is a powerful process that has been around for decades, many are still unaware of it.   Trust me when I say that the benefits of using photographs and projected imagery for weight preoccupation are endless.  

Sadly weight preoccupation can start at a very early age which makes being aware of the signs and taking action that much more important.