Art & Photo Therapies: Creating Opportunities For Healing.




Photo therapy is a powerful therapeutic process that uses photographs to unlock repressed emotions and break down personal barriers.  It provides an understanding of the choices we have made and an awareness for the impact they have had on our lives. 

Using photographs in therapy presents an opportunity for you to look at your past experiences and see how they have shaped your present conditions.  Whether it is a personal photograph or one that has been provided for, both allow you to see how memories and the emotions you attach to them can interfere with reality. 

Photo therapy helps you recognize the parts of yourself that are missing and the areas of your life that are in need of attention.  Because photographs have a unique ability to speak symbolically, they contribute to the ease and success the individual experiences through therapy.   

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Photo therapy offers those who have trouble expressing themselves verbally an opportunity to share visually.

Photo therapy works because photographs have a unique voice that can be heard through the silence.  They provide a visual documentation of our experiences while leaving enough room for interpretation and growth. 

Therapy can often be a painful and overwhelming experience, but photo therapy allows you to work on your concerns frame by frame.




Photo therapy has proven to be very effective with children experiencing emotional and behaviour challenges.  Unlike talk therapy that children often find intimidating, photo therapy offers a visual alternative and a creative outlet that children are innately comfortable with.

Photo therapy is also extremely effective on children with learning disabilities, especially children with ASD, asperger's, and NLD.  It is because these children are visual learners that photo therapy works so well.  The photographs allow these children to create their own language that the rest of us can finally understand.  Because children with autism and asperger's tend to "see" and "hear" things differently then we do, photographs become the missing link and connection.  With the use of photographs we can now fill in the pieces that are missing and decipher between what they see and what we hear, and what they hear and what we see.  Photo therapy unlocks the door to communication between children and their parents, their peers, and more importantly their society. 

By providing children with an alternative form of therapy, they now have a voice from which to speak.  

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