Projected Imagery

Man hiding behind shelf near lake

Projected Imagery in therapy is extremely effective for treating addictions, trauma and abuse.  Just being able to walk into an experience or memory without having to relive it gives you the opportunity to confront your concern safely and effectively. 

Weekly and monthly contracted group workshops are available by request.

As a photographer I have a deep respect for the photographic process and the result.  As a photo therapist I have an even deeper respect for the images themselves and their incredible ability to heal.

Over the years I have used photographs in therapy with my clients in many different ways.   However, it wasn't until I started projecting them in large format that I was truly able to see their full potential.


When an image is projected in large format it gives the client the opportunity to revisit an experience without having to relive it.  In other words, they can return to the experience and work through it without having to actually be there.  The size of the image provides the illusion that they are there, however removed enough to be able to see the experience from the outside, safely and comfortably.


When you can safely "step back into" an experience or trauma, you are giving yourself the opportunity to approach the situation with new eyes and new defences.  Being able to take control of the situation and be a part of changing its affect on you is the key to overcoming it.