the 6 figure phototherapy formula

If you are a Mental Health Professional or studying student who is looking to expand their practice, develop an online presence, increase their income, and banish business burnout, then this course is ideal for you!

This amazing Certificate course is 12-weeks in length and is both interactive and in depth.  It contains 8 Modules comprised of Learning Lessons and Action Tasks which will fully prepare you for using PhotoTherapy with your clients.  


In addition to this, the course includes weekly coaching calls, a one on one session, and access to the course's Facebook Community Group which is an excellent place to connect with others taking the course, ask questions, and obtain feedback. 

Register before February 15, 2021 to take advantage of the Intro Offer and Discounted Price.  


For more information or to register for the course and get started, simply email me at

Course begins March 1, 2021


Huntsville, ON, Canada

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