Window Therapy

person drawing smiling face on window

Window Therapy is kicking Covid-19 in the butt by making it easier and more accessible for you to get the support you need during this time of isolation.


We believe when you can see change happening, you can also see it's potential.  

So find a good window, pull up a comfy chair, and let's get started today!  

PYW is thrilled to announce the launching of WINDOW THERAPY!


The most convenient, accessible and hands-on therapy available to you and your families during this time of isolation.  With the mandate to stay inside and practice social distancing, WINDOW THERAPY couldn't come at a better time.  From the comfort of your own home and from the clarity of your own window, the support you've been needing is just on the other side of the glass. 


My goal is to help you work through your concerns so you can see and feel things differently!  So if you or a family member could use some support during these uncertain times, simply click on the icon below to schedule a window session.  

This service is currently free to health providers and those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Donations toward gas are appreciated and can be made by e-transfer to  Servicing Huntsville and surrounding area.