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Art & Photo Therapy Workshops

Adult Workshops

group of people sitting around table doing crafts

Group workshops can be a lot of things including fun!  But more importantly they are wonderful opportunities for self-expression, self-reflection, and change. 


In addition to this, group workshops are a great way to build trust, uncover new ideas, learn about various art materials, and make new relationships. 

PYW has a number of creative workshops and drop-ins on the horizon.  With a newly renovated bright and welcoming studio space, workshops are scheduled to begin again this September.  


Be sure to check back regularly for new workshops and detailed information.  In light of recent events, space is limited to 8 participants per in studio workshop and 20 participants per outdoor workshop.  Email today to reserve your spot!

will draw for wine girlfriends getaway

Children's  Workshops

young children painting on a table
Kids drawing together on a large sheet of paper


Girlfriends Getaway Weekend Draw-A-Thon

NOVEMBER 13-15TH, 2020


SATURDAY 14TH:  10AM - 3PM and 7-9PM


Gather your girlfriends and meet me at PYW in Huntsville for a laughter filled Girlfriends Getaway Weekend Draw-A-Thon!  That's right ... a Girlfriends Getaway Weekend Draw-A-Thon!!!   


Every year Huntsville hosts a Girlfriends Getaway Weekend, and this year PYW is making it extra fun by offering you and your girlfriends a chance to win a $100 LCBO Gift Card.  Just think of the giggles that could add to your weekend! 

All you need to do is book one of the available time slots for you and your girlfriends to come on out to PYW where you will be given all the necessary drawing materials to create (together or individually) a picture that you feel represents Wine and Friendship.  With thirteen 1 Hour time slots available, you and your girlies might even be able to enter twice! 


And at just $45 a group, you and your gal pals can get your draw on and giggles and entries in for less than $10/pp.  So don't wait till it's too late, book your 1 Hour time slot today!

This event is also available to groups online or virtually via ZOOM.  Just call for more information or to reserve a time slot.

Space:            Limited to 5 participants per hour.

Included:       All art materials and essential supplies.

Location:       PYW Studio, 60 Main St. E., 2nd Floor

Cost:              $45 per group (of 5) or $10/pp (e-transfer or cash)

When we think of mental health we don't often think of children.  However did you know that about 1 in 10 children suffer with depression, anxiety and conduct disorder as a direct result of what is happening in their lives.  How's that for an eye opener!

"He's going through a phase or she'll grow out of it" are common statements adults use to justify or explain away a child's moods, reactions or behaviours.  The tendency is to be too quick in labelling a child's behaviour without giving it the proper and necessary consideration.   

This is why self-expression through art is probably one of the greatest gifts you could ever give or teach a child.  It's benefits are huge and invaluable.  Whether it be paint, pastel, clay or photography, each creative medium holds the potential to support and assist a child in any and all areas of their life. 




Beginning November 11 - December 2, 2020

From 7-8PM


This 4 week workshop was not only designed to be fun, but also interactive!  And with a different Eye Spy each week, its also a great way to develop your child's visual perception skills. 


Together we will be hunting for hidden treasures, uncovering mystery drawings, planting evidence, and identifying conundrums!   

Using Zoom we will meet weekly on Wednesday evenings beginning November 11th and ending December 2nd.  Your child will need access to a computer for Zoom, paper and markers (or crayons or pastels) for drawing, and a magnifying glass for use in their detective work.  Any visuals used in the workshop will be supplied and emailed to you in advance.  

Feel free to call for more information or to reserve your child's spot.

Age:               5-10 yrs

Space:            Limited to 10 online participants.

Included:       Any visual materials used.

Location:       Zoom Platform (link to workshop will be emailed to you prior to                              each Wednesday evenings session).

Cost:              $45 (e-transfers only)




FROM 7:30 - 8:00PM


Are you in need of a Date Night but you can't find a sitter?  Well PYW has a creative and fun solution your kid's will absolutely love!


Beginning September 10th, every other Thursday evening you can now enjoy a meal in the heart of Downtown Huntsville while your kid's are at PYW enjoying an Art Class with Miss Kelly.  


Space is limited to 6 kids per night so make sure you register as soon as possible so your child can be one of the 6 lucky ones!

So while you're out dining together, your kids will be here making something creative they will be able to take home and share with you.  There will be a different activity each week ... sometimes it will be art or photography based, and sometimes it will even be baking!  Heathy snacks and beverages will be provided for in addition to all art materials required.  Everything will be sanitized in advance and masks must be worn!


For more information or to register please email me at with the subject line "Date Night".

Space:         Limited to 6 participants

Included:     All art materials and essential supplies, snacks and a beverage.

Location:     PYW Studio at 60 Main St. E., 2nd Floor

Cost:           $30 per child (payments are accepted thru e-transfer)

                     15% discount for siblings!

a boy looking through magnifying glass at different items