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Group workshops can be a lot of things including fun!  But more importantly they are wonderful opportunities for self-expression, self-reflection, and change. 


In addition to this, group workshops are a great way to build trust, uncover new ideas, learn about various art materials, and make new relationships. 

PYW has a number of creative workshops and drop-ins on the horizon.  With a newly renovated bright and welcoming studio space, workshops are scheduled to begin again this September.  


Be sure to check back regularly for new workshops and detailed information.  In light of recent events, space is limited to 8 participants per in studio workshop and 20 participants per outdoor workshop.  Email today to reserve your spot!


Hosted by Enliven, Centre for Well-Being In Cancer


7:00 - 8:00PM


The workshop will focus on the use of photographs as a creative tool for looking at and addressing concerns.  Participants will be asked to bring 5 personal photographs that they would like to work with. At least one of these photographs should be a self-portrait with the remaining photographs being a mixture of childhood photos and current images.  The images should be ones the participant feels connected to. 


The workshop will be a combination of both art and photo therapies, providing participants with an opportunity to discuss if they would like.  Participants should also have a few sheets of blank paper and pencil crayons, pastels or markers available to use for notes and response work. 


The workshop will give participants an understanding of photo therapy, its therapeutic benefits and a deeper understanding for themselves, the choices they make and the issues and concerns to focus on. 

Space:          6 Spots on Site, Zoom for Others

Location:     PYW Studio, 60 Main St. E., 2nd Floor

Cost:            Free to Enliven Clients 




7:00PM - 8PM

This Introduction to Photo Therapy and How It can Improve Your Child's Self-Esteem and Confidence Workshop will not only give you a clear sense of how I use photographs in therapy with clients, but also how I use photographs in therapy with children to improve their self-esteem and confidence.  Two very important aspects of a child's well-being and mental health.  Without these, children tend to give up on themselves, find it hard to cope when they make mistakes, and essential stop trying.  Now who wants that for their child?

So if you have a child who could use some help with their self-esteem and confidence (because the two go hand in hand) then you need to sign up for this free workshop that will show you just how I can help.  


To reserve your spot today email me at using the subject line "Intro Photo Therapy Workshop".

Space:        Limited to 6 participants.

Included:    Coffee, tea and snacks

Location:    PYW Studio, 60 Main St. E., 2nd Floor

Cost:          FREE  




Making Sense of the Pandemic and Your Anxieties


10AM - 4PM

Each experience throughout this pandemic has had an affect on you and your thinking.  Whether it be negative or positive, understanding both is essential to your mental health, overall well-being, and your ability to move forward without reluctance or fear.   

This incredible workshop has been designed to support your individual needs and anxieties surrounding Covid-19 and the return to a "new normal".  Using creative exercises and activities, together we will walk through the stages of Covid-19 from the initial on-set to the announcement of Stage 3, and look at each experience as it unfolded for you.  When you can understand where your fears and anxieties come from, you can understand how to move past them.

Space:        Limited to 6 participants

Included:    Instructional materials, all expressive arts supplies needed, photographic                         imagery, light lunch, snack & beverages.

Location:    PYW Studio, 60 Main St. E., 2nd Floor

Cost:          $125/pp (payments are accepted through e-transfer)


Letting Go For The Good of Your Health


7PM - 9PM

Have you been holding onto a secret or a lie that you're afraid to share, but are completely overwhelmed by? If so then this is the workshop for you!  Using paper, paint, photographs and acrylic mediums you will be given the opportunity to release your secret(s) once and for all through visual representation.  

Secrets are called secrets for a reason! They are poor choices we've made, unhealthy experiences we've had, traumas we've endured or had done to us, traumas done to others, or lies we've told.  Whatever the secret is you are holding onto and for whatever reason,  it is without a doubt having a negative impact on your day to day life and your ability to move forward freely.  Keeping secrets, especially those that are big, take a lot of energy to keep hidden ... energy that could be used productively elsewhere.  Being truthful on the other hand creates an atmosphere for overall well being and good mental and physical health!


This workshop is not about sharing your secret(s), but about letting them go!  And one of the best ways you can do this is through visual expression and representation.   By giving yourself permission to let it out you are also giving yourself permission to let it go and move forward.  So come and join us as we draw, paint, collage, and/or mold our secrets into visual pathways to freedom and forgiveness.

Space:            Limited to 6 participants

Included:       All art materials and essential supplies.

Location:       PYW Studio, 60 Main St. E., 2nd Floor

Cost:              $55/pp (payments are accepted thru e-transfer)


When you just need a little support! 


7PM - 8:30PM

On the last Wednesday of every month PYW will be offering an adult Wellness Drop-In from 7:00-8:30pm.  This workshop is open to anyone needing a little support or an avenue for their expression.

Coffee, tea and snacks will be provided along with art materials required for the evenings selected activity.

Space:            Limited to 6 participants

Included:       All art materials and essential supplies.

Location:       PYW Studio, 60 Main St. E., 2nd Floor

Cost               $25/pp or $40/pair (payments are accepted thru e-transfer)



8 Week Cancer Workshop


1PM - 4PM

This 8 week workshop is open to those affected by or living with Cancer.  Whether you are fighting the illness personally or are a family member, friend, or caregiver of someone who is, all are welcome!

Together we will examine and reflect upon a series of photographs, using a different photograph weekly as the starting point for each week's session.  Various topics and concerns will be addressed throughout the workshop, leaving room for flexibility and individual needs.

Response art and photo activities will be given out at the end of each session and taken up at the beginning of the next.  These activities are to be done on your own time and purely for beneficial purposes.

Space:         Limited to 6 participants

Included:     All art materials and essential supplies.

Location:     PYW Studio, 60 Main St. E., 2nd Floor

Cost:            $175/pp for 8 Week Workshop (payments are accepted thru e-transfer)

Access to and use of a digital camera and personal photographs is required.



What did you learn from your parents behaviours? 


7PM - 9PM


When you look back upon your childhood what behaviours do you remember the most, the positive ones or the negative ones? What do you want your children to learn or remember from yours? 


As a child I recall hearing the term "monkey see monkey do" and thinking it just applied to zoo animals.  I was totally unaware of how impressionable I was and how a great deal of who I had become was shaped by my parents and their behaviours. 


As children we learn about positive and negative behaviours by watching others.  Because the people we spend the most time with when we are young are our parents or caregivers,  we innocently and unknowingly follow suit.  Using photographs, dialogue, movement and clay you will learn how behaviours become habits and how habits become behaviours.  More importantly you will learn how your behaviours impact your children and how positive behaviours can support your child's mental and physical well-being.

Space:             Limited to 6 participants

Included:        All art materials and essential supplies.

Location:        PYW Studio, 60 Main St. E., 2nd Floor

Cost:               $55/pp or $80/partners (payments are accepted thru e-transfer)


Access to and use of a digital camera and personal photographs is required.


When we think of mental health we don't often think of children.  However did you know that about 1 in 10 children suffer with depression, anxiety and conduct disorder as a direct result of what is happening in their lives.  How's that for an eye opener!

"He's going through a phase or she'll grow out of it" are common statements adults use to justify or explain away a child's moods, reactions or behaviours.  The tendency is to be too quick in labelling a child's behaviour without giving it the proper and necessary consideration.   

This is why self-expression through art is probably one of the greatest gifts you could ever give or teach a child.  It's benefits are huge and invaluable.  Whether it be paint, pastel, clay or photography, each creative medium holds the potential to support and assist a child in any and all areas of their life. 




FROM 6:30 - 8:00PM


Are you in need of a Date Night but you can't find a sitter?  Well PYW has a safe and fun solution your kid's will absolutely love!


Beginning September 10th, every other Thursday evening you can now enjoy a meal in the heart of Downtown Huntsville while your kid's are at PYW enjoying an Art Class with Miss Kelly.  


Space is limited to 6 kids per night so make sure you register as soon as possible so your child can be one of the 6 lucky ones!

So while you're out dining together, your kids will be here making something creative they will be able to take home and share with you.  There will be a different activity each week ... sometimes it will be art or photography based, and sometimes it will even be baking!  Heathy snacks and beverages will be provided for in addition to all art materials required.  Everything will be sanitized in advance and masks must be worn!


For more information or to register please email me at with the subject line "Date Night".

Space:         Limited to 6 participants

Included:     All art materials and essential supplies, snacks and a beverage.

Location:     PYW Studio at 60 Main St. E., 2nd Floor

Cost:           $30 per child (payments are accepted thru e-transfer)

                     15% discount for siblings!


Making the most of your masks and worries.


4PM - 5:30PM

This much needed workshop is designed to support your child through their first few weeks back at school.  Whether they are excited about going back or fearful about what school will now look like, your child will most certainly face their own affects of Covid-19. 


So together, using creative avenues, we will look at the stages of Covid-19 from the initial on-set to the announcement of Stage 3 and beyond.  Each experience throughout this pandemic has had an affect on your child  and their thinking despite any resilience.  Whether it be negative or positive, understanding these affects is essential to your child's mental health and their ability to re-enter school without fears or resistance.

Space:             Limited to 6 participants

Included:         Instructional materials, all expressive arts supplies needed,                                                 photographic imagery.

Location:         PYW Studio, 60 Main St. E., 2nd Floor

Ages:                7+

Cost:                $175/pp  (15% discount on early registration)



A Beginners Photography Course


4PM - 5:30PM

Do you have an interest in photography?  Would you like to learn more about it and how to take awesome photographs?  Perhaps you already know how to take photographs, but are not sure how to use the many options on your camera to create hang worthy images.

Together we will explore the camera and its many options and settings, what constructively makes a great image, what your images say about you, and how to use all that knowledge to create your best photographs yet! 


Using our available surroundings and nearby parks, we will also visually explore different photographic genres and techniques.  And if that isn't enough, on our last Friday together we will host a "Gallery Night" for friends and family to come and see, or purchase, your hung work.  

Space:             Limited to 6 participants

Included:         Instructional materials, all expressive arts supplies needed,                                                  photographic printing and sample images.   

Ages:               10+

Location:        PYW Studio, 60 Main St. E., 2nd Floor

Cost:               $125/pp  (15% discount on early registration)

Access to and use of a digital camera is required.  

Gallery Night will be held on Friday, October 30, 2020 from  7-8:30pm


Huntsville, ON, Canada

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